Creative Typography


Handmade typography inspired by one creative day.
During the everyday work stress, I decided to start my day with a kind of creative mantra.
I adore a typography and natural materials therefor One letter per day Idea was conceived.
Each day – by instinct – I’ve chosen the specific material to design and express certain letter, each letter has inscription from material (considering it’s structure, granulation, colour itc.) that was made of.
My Creative mantra happened either in the office before the job starts or at home in 10 min scope and designed letter was instantly posted at Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
So the alphabet was made in 44 days. Fans on the web were telling me to do some special letters as Č, Ž, Š, Đ …. so they could make their own names therefore to spread out the creative “value” of alphabet I started to post complete names consisted of designed letters to my colleagues and friends and a mission with “donating” names is still in progress.

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