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Creative Typography


Handmade typography inspired by one creative day.
During the everyday work stress, I decided to start my day with a kind of creative mantra.
I adore a typography and natural materials therefor One letter per day Idea was conceived.
Each day – by instinct – I’ve chosen the specific material to design and express certain letter, each letter has inscription from material (considering it’s structure, granulation, colour itc.) that was made of.
My Creative mantra happened either in the office before the job starts or at home in 10 min scope and designed letter was instantly posted at Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
So the alphabet was made in 44 days. Fans on the web were telling me to do some special letters as Č, Ž, Š, Đ …. so they could make their own names therefore to spread out the creative “value” of alphabet I started to post complete names consisted of designed letters to my colleagues and friends and a mission with “donating” names is still in progress.

A Brief History of Magdalena Festival

Kratka zgodovina festivala Magdalena

Večer, 25.5.2006 
Prvi festival Magdalena se je zgodil v Pekarni: razstave v Lubadarju, okrogla miza v Hiši galeriji in predavanja v Teatru za voglom…./1999
V osrednjem tekmovanju drugega festivala je sodelovalo 390 del, glavno nagrado je prejela serija samopromocijskih oglasov avtorice” Petje Montanez. Eden od njih (goreči koktejl v obliki ženskega mednožja) je naslednje leto (2001), kot plakat za festival, dvignil nekaj prahu, povzročil moralno dilemo pri vodstvu lokalnega komunalnega podjetja in vzpodbudil podjetniško žilico med mariborskimi klošarji (menda so jih – če so uspeli prehiteti delavce, ki so jih odstranjevali po nalogu modrega vodstva Snage – trgali in preprodajali za kar lep denar).
First Magdalena festival took place in Bakery: exhibitions in Lubadarju, round table in the House gallery and lectures in the Theatre for Vogel ….
In the middle of the second contest of the festival was attended by 390 works, the grand prize she received a series of self-promotional ads author of Petja Montanez. One of them (the Burning cocktail in the form of a woman’s genitals) the following year (2001), as a poster for the festival, raised some dust caused moral dilemma in the management of the local utility company and encourage entrepreneurial spirit among homeless Maribor (apparently they have – if they managed to overtake workers who have been removed at the behest of blue leadership Snage and resell for which good money).


New York Festivals

Picture 4


RENAULT CAPTUR / TV COMERCIAL FOR TV PROGRAM: Znan obraz ima svoj glas/Familiar face has its own voice
Creators: CD/Miha Bevc, AD:Petja Montanez, AC: Katja Kavčič, production house artrebel 9

The Voice of the Sea

The voice of the sea ANG


NIL Learning – graphic identity

Nil Learning_za tisk1 Nil Learning_za tisk2

Zoran Predin – new CD





Helios NY_2 Helios NY