About Me


Petja Montanez


Petja has been in advertising for 20 years, during which time she has worked as an Art director for several advertising agencies, including Luna/TBWA, Studio Marketing/JWT Slovenia 7 Croatia, Arih Advertising and currently, Publicis Slovenia. Petja has been awarded numerous times at Slovene national festivals and at international festivals such as Golden Drum, Cresta, Moscow International Advertising Festival and New York Festivals. She has attended the David Carson workshop and later her work was even included in David’s book.
Petja has received the Slovene Best CD cover award and the Award of Excellence in Design Annual 42- Communication Arts, both for the year 2001. She was a member of the international regional jury of Cresta Festival in 2004 and the first female President of the jury of the Slovene Advertising Festival that same year. Her work has been published in PRINT American Graphic Design Magazine.
Today, she is the Art Director of Publicis Slovenia and her work has contributed substantially to the agency being awarded “Agency of the Year “in Slovenia in 2009.
She is driven by the thought that some campaigns actually do change things. This is where her dedication and contribution to charity campaigns comes from. Some of her recent campaigns for Amnesty International and Unicef resulted in huge recognition in Slovenia and at several international festivals as well. Whenever she can find the time, she fuels her creativity by exhibiting with the Designers Society of Slovenia. “Be a woman” is the title and her ongoing creative challenge.


Graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Various workshops and conferences ( ICOGRADA – International Council of Communication Design,
ICSID  – International council of Societies Of Industrial Design, Golden Drum, David Carson, Hort,
Creative Mornings Ljubljana)

  • Golden prize in Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF 1998 – Print ad “Hat” (Mladina magazine)
  • Silver prize SOF 1999 – Meter calendar, Ministry of Culture -Slovenia
  • The festival of visual communications – a creative parade of the young Magdalena 99 – the winner of the category of 3D materials
  • Golden MM Awards 1999: golden award for the Meter calendar, Ministry of Colture -Slovenia
  • Golden Drum 99: Golden drumstick for the series of print ads Rulers (Napoleon, Cesar, Cleopatra,Tito), Mercedes-Benz
  • Golden Drum 99: Silver drumstick Meter calendar, Ministry of Culture -Slovenia
  • Moscow International Advertising festival 99: 3rd prize; series of print ads Rulers (Napoleon,Cesar, Cleopatra, Tito),
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF 2001: Silver prize in series of print ads Amoksiklav – Lek (Pharmaceutical company)
  • Grand Prix of the festival Magdalena 2000 – and the winner of the category of 3D materials
  • Finalist in New York Festival- series of print ads Amoksiklav – Lek (Pharmaceutical company
  • Finalist in Cresta festival- Meter calendar, Ministry of Culture -Slovenia
  • Golden Cock 2001, Slovenia (Best cover for the music CD: Zoran Predin – Third man)
  • Award of Excellence in Design Annual 42 Communication Arts (November 2001)
  • PRINT-America’s Graphic Design Magazine (European Design Annual 2002) – publish some of my works: metric calendar – direct marketing, Beauty mark – self promotion and Dalmatin Print house – trade mark)
  • BRUMEN /Bienale of visual communications – Award of Excellence for print ad “Oil” (Mladina magazine)
  • PRINT-America’s Graphic Design Magazine (European Design Annual 2003) – publish some of my works
  • Golden Drum 2003:Silver drumstick for the banner Radenska
  • Mladina competition on the theme EUROPE – they printed the ad “GHERKIN“
  • Golden MM Awards 2004: golden award for Annual report for RENAULT – Revoz
  • Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF 2004: Main aword in the category of campagnes Radenska WHY NOT!, gold for the posters SPV Metropolis and gold for the banner Radenska WHY NOT!
  • 2008 Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF: silver (Debeli rtiã)
  • President of the jury in the Slovenian Advertising Festival – SOF 2004
  • 2009 Member of the Grand Jury of New York Festivals,
  • Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF: silver(UNICEF), silver(Triglav DZU), gold (amnesty), 2x gold (unicef), Grand Prix (amnesty)
  • 2010 Finalist in New York Festival – Amnesty ads
  • 2011 Golden drum – silver drum Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF: gold (facebook friend), gold (amnesty)
  • 2012 Slovenian Advertising Festival SOF: silver (pripravi se)
  • 2013  Outstanding 2012 – best City light – Maxim
  • 2013 – Golden sempler in category A – Strategic use of the media mix Nova KBM – Ready for tomorrow
  •  2014 SOF -National advertising Festival
    Alpe Adria Green – “The voice of the sea”) – Gold in 3 categories
    Helios “Group coloring of schools for  Guinnessov record” Gold
  • 2015 SOF (Slovenian Advertising Festival) SILVER Award in the category Digital Advertising /Advertising on social networks: PROJECT TWINGOSPODICAL
    2015: In Croatia days of communication and CRO Effie Awards / Bronze EFFIE for the effectiveness of the campaign TWINGOGIRLS
    2015 Diggit2015: Grand Prix & Gold for our #Twingogirls
    2015 Websi – DIGITAL SURPLUS OF SLOVENIA, grand prix – digital campaign / Twingogirls, Grand Prix – the best campaign on social networks / Twingogirls and for the – winner of the people.
    2015 Sempler finalist – Atlantis Real Time. Innovative use of the communication channel / Atlantis: Real time advertising – the higher the discount.
    2015 BRUMEN / National Biennale of Visual Communications – Award of Excellence for Handmade typography / One letter per day.
    2016 SOF -National Advertising Festival – Winners of 2 Silver Awards for the campaign “I do not text when I drive”
    2016 Outstanding – jury member and Best of Innovative – Futurist CityLight.
    2016 WEBSI – Web Champions – 2nd place with project I do not text when I drive (Zavod VOZIM)
    2016 Bronze award GZS – for innovative transfer of rock concerts through city lights #Futurist
    2017 DIGGIT / Slovenian Conference on Digital Communications – Gold for #FormulaStrasti Renault
    2017 WEBSI – Online champions #Formula passion Renault for the best design 2nd place in the Social Network category – #Formula passion and 2nd place in the category Social Responsibility projects # Passion4life